Comment Moderation Efficiency

Comment moderation does not have to be a lengthy and complicated task. With an efficient comment moderation system in place on your website, you can significantly cut down the time it takes to remove comments.

What is comment moderation?

Comment moderation is a way of receiving comments on your site and making sure they do not contain offensive or inappropriate content before allowing them to be posted on your site automatically. This means that as soon as a comment is submitted on your site, it is sent to a comment moderation queue where you or another moderator can vet the comment and decide if it should be posted on your site. It's important that you have a comment moderation system in place because search engines penalise sites with comment spam, which means your ranking will fall if people are endlessly posting links on your comments section.


How is comment moderation done?


Comment moderation is done through comment moderation queues, comment moderators are tasked to supervise comments sections and remove toxic content and spam. Some inappropriate comments can still get through moderation efforts as comment moderation usually takes some time to implement. This can be mitigated with the help of an automated comment moderation tool.


How to improve comment moderation efficiency.


Efficient comment moderation is just as important as the entire comment moderation process itself. Depending on your comment moderation strategy, it could take days to vet comments and remove inappropriate ones, this is why comment moderators should use an automated comment moderation tool and be more efficient in their comment moderating efforts. An efficient comment moderator will have a positive effect on comment moderation efficiency because toxic comments will be identified faster and removed before anyone can even see them.